The Meth Project


The Meth Project



Social Awareness Campaign & Advertisement Series

This project was developed to suit “The Meth Project,” a nonprofit organization founded to promote awareness of the advancing methamphetamine epidemic on a national scale while providing methods of prevention at the state level.  I decided to move forward with designing a campaign that evolved around the idea that those who partake in doing, distributing, or manufacturing meth lose close to everything, including their relationships with friends and loved ones. I focused on what an addiction, such as meth addiction, does to a family.  Each composition was created to be extremely straightforward, blunt, and alarming, jolting onlookers to recognize the issue at hand. Before creating each advertisement, I presented the statistics and facts I found to be credible in the form of infographics. Three of the most influential facts I found in my discoveries were used to further emphasize the reality of the situation.

Programs Utilized: Adobe Photoshop & InDesign

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