Post-it Campaign

Post-it Campaign

An Advertisement Series

The slogan is “remember to: _________”

In each ad, the space is filled in reminding you to be or feel a particular emotion today. The first is “remember to be a hero,” second is “remember to be an optimist,” and the third is ” remember to be brave.”

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A Collaborative Measure

A Campaign Proposal for Post-its

As a group, my team set out to create a series of three advertisements for Post-its. We went through an extensive process, including brainstorming, creating a shot list to execute, and much more. After the first round of critiques we were able to identify what we wanted the advertisements to look like and how we were going to unify them in one campaign. We wanted to appeal to all age groups. Hence, the little girl’s imagination in the first, the older business people and an unfortunate coffee spill in the second, and a middle aged couple with one trying to court the other in the third. Normally, when you jot something down on a post-it, its’ significance grows and allows a thought or moment to be permanently recorded. Hence our “Remember to” phrase because post-its are there to self-remind. With that being said, the significance of each post-it in every ad is imperative to a role, a cover up, and a way to make a first impression. The part of each tagline after the colon has a positive tone matched with each positive situation. 

Programs Utilized: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign

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