The Mindy Project Tee


The Mindy Project Screenprint Tee

Inspired by Vera Chokalingam’s lead character, Mindy Kaling, in the tv series, “The Mindy Project,” this piece showcases one of her character’s favorite sayings, “Hi sugar what’s shakin.” The original piece was drawn in my sketchbook using crosshatching in part of the lettering’s outline paired with a pointalism shading technique within the letters themselves. I then took the drawing and transferred it into a digital design that could be altered into a more simple piece based off of positive and negative space for a screenprint. Applying it to the screen, I carved out the spaces I wanted to remain black with an exacto blade. Finally, I printed the design by applying ink onto the screen, making sure it was evenly spread out thinly across the the print’s surface. The final production is shown to the right with the initial drawing above.

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