Logo Work


Logo Design, Development & Relative Collateral

When I first came across this local small business, I was buying treats for my own dog at the Farmer’s Market in Summerville, SC. Intrigued by flavors I’d eat myself, I ended up leaving the stand with a bag or two. Chew Factory was founded upon making natural, healthy treats with no preservatives for dogs of all shapes and sizes. The logo’s development started in my sketchbook and soon found its way into Illustrator and Indesign, creating an overall cohesive and friendly design that translated well between different areas of design.

Forest Park Church is a medium sized congregation located in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. Aiming for a modern look, I came up with several options, somewhat similar but slightly different when visualizing each design. My initial sketches served as guideline. From there I reproduced and tweaked the logos I had come up with in Illustrator. Some of my original sketches are shown in the picture on the right.

My Design Process

When developing a logo, I find my process to be a little organic – I like knowing the client’s tastes and wants before venturing on to sketching out possible concepts to be built upon. Most of the time I have a few questions lined up to help me visualize what a client is looking for. For example, “Who is your target market?” This is also where mood boards and other creative snippets or examples come into play. If I can successfully put together a board that showcases the style and aesthetic the client loves, then were on the same wavelength moving forward. My ideas that then come to mind are always drawn or jotted down on paper first. Depending on how many ideas I come up with, I’ll send a range of sketched options to the client after a brainstorming session. These options are normally versions that I think will turn out best. After getting the client’s initial thoughts, I use their remarks to move forward in producing final designs in Illustrator. Moving through revision rounds, options will be narrowed down to one in specific and then perfected until the client is 100 percent satisfied with their final design.

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