Extended Campaigns


Southern Breads Campaign



Magazine Advertisement & Banner Production | An Arcadia Press Title

My first assignment at Arcadia Press led to my first piece of published work for “Publisher’s Weekly” Magazine. I designed a sixth of a page advertisement and moved on to produce other print collateral. I developed 6  variations before finalizing the ad. In the process of its development I came up with the “Knead a little sugar?” saying and mason jar graphic to elaborate upon the book’s topic. The end products gave off a rustic feel that successfully united the graphics and book cover in one piece for each format.   

Programs & Accessories Utilized: Adobe Illustrator & InDesign; Wacom Intous Pro


Lost Restaurants of Sacramento Campaign



Banner Production |Recipe Card | An Arcadia Press Title

Working with the marketing department at Arcadia Press, I created a banner and recipe card for their authors, Maryellen and Keith Burns. Both promotional pieces were used at a book event they were attending – “Literary Feast” in San Francisco, California. Highlighting one of the book’s traditional recipes, the card’s format delivers a vintage feel with a modern and organized twist.

Programs Utilized: Adobe Illustrator & InDesign

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Extended Campaign #1

This campaign consisted of several pieces of work – the two main being a banner and a 1/6 of a page advertisement.

Small Details

I developed 6 variations before finalizing the ad. There are only 4 of the 6 comps shown above. In the process of its development I came up with the “Knead a little sugar?” saying and mason jar graphic to elaborate upon the book’s topic. While skimming through its’ pages I found that some of the recipes provided didn’t list sugar as an ingredient. After a small amount of research, I discovered that involving sugar into a recipe for bread is a Northern technique used in baking. Hence, the significance of the saying that ties together the north & south.

Extended Campaign #2

Both pieces for this campaign were designed according to the style and nostalgic appearance of the book’s cover. For the banner, I rotated the text in the banner and added a lined 3D effect to the lettering to emphasize a vintage feel that complimented the ribbon and sunburst graphics.

A Traditional Recipe Cited | Nut Tree Orange Nut Bread

Using the eye-drop tool, I took the colors from the banner in order to use them within the design of the recipe card. I fiddled with the type by increasing the tracking and the leading. Then I added in a small nut tree embellishment. The recipe card was created mostly in InDesign with the exception of the nut tree graphic above and below the recipe title.