Mahaley Keen Silva

Personal Mission Statement

I pride myself in being a modest artist and designer. I like to sit back, observe, and be inspired by my surroundings or personal experiences. I would rather let my work talk for itself. I identify with the classic mentality artists’ are stereotyped with – I am rarely ever satisfied with my work and always find an excuse as to why it could be better.

My heart is most content when the tip of my pencil hits and strokes a paper’s surface. It is where my love of art began and will always come back to. I can only hope that my works will inspire, encourage, and influence the deep love for art that I have, within the hearts of others.

Business Mission Statement

I promise to create quality designs that satisfy all challenges offered with every creative opportunity. To evolve conceptual thoughts into visual solutions that align with my clients’ values while promoting a healthy relationship during and after their goals have been met. I believe in encouraging enjoyment throughout the design process while delivering an enthusiastic and dedicated work ethic.

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Services & Skills

Editorial Design

Most of my experience has been in editorial design. Editorial design influences the way people understand and share information. It is one of my favorite areas of design because a strong component of its effectiveness is typography and I consider myself to be a typophile. I can help assist you in composing:

newspapers • newsletters • magazines • books, pamphlets, or digests • online articles • blog posts • advertisements

Web/Digital Design

In keeping up with the times, I feel that web design has grown to be an area with many different forms. I am currently trying to learn more about U.X. design. But, for now, I can help assist you in developing:

WordPress and Squarespace websites (maintenance included) • digital and screen graphics • social media collateral • email and online advertisements • pitch decks • multimedia presentations


An intimate form of design every designer appreciates because it brings together so many other areas of design under one umbrella. When a company’s brand is cohesive, its masterful. Branding influences how people see and perceive your business. I can help assist you in creating:

logo • stationery • style guide (related typography and color palette) • signage or other retail aspects • marketing collateral • packaging • apparel

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